TOA Mixer Amplifier VM-2120 (120W)

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Deskripsi TOA Mixer Amplifier VM-2120 (120W)

VM-2120, Evacuation amplifier 120 watt, dengan 5 speaker selector 


Amplifier yang dirancang khusus untuk evacuation system. 
Terdiri dari 3 Input Microphone, 2 Input Aux, dilengkapi dengan tone control Bass-treble dan Master volume. 
Output amplifier terbagi menjadi 5 dilengkapi dengan volume disetiap outputnya, serta switch selector untuk On-Off output amplifier perchannel. 


Power SourceAC: 230 V
DC: 24 V/7.5 A
Applicable cable diameter: AWG22 - AWG14
Power Consumption on AC MainsWith no signal present: 37 W
Under normal operating conditions according to
EN60065: 1998 sec. 4.2: 107 W
With rated output signal: 201 W
Current Consumption on 24 V DC Power InputWith no signal present: 0.7 A
Under normal operating conditions according to
EN60065: 1998 sec. 4.2: 2.1 A
With rated output signal: 5.2 A
Rated Output120 W
Output Voltage /Impedance100 V/83 Ω
(selectable by the internal wiring change)
Frequency Response50 Hz - 16 kHz
Distortion1 % or less
Signal-to-Noise Ratio60 dB or more
Tone ControlBass: 100 Hz ±10 dB
(Inputs 1 - 3 and BGM individually adjustable.)
Remote Microphone /Expansion Amplifier Connection2 RJ45 female connectors for connecting the RM-200M Remote
Microphone and the VM-2120 or VM-2240 unit used as an
expansion amplifier.
Maximum distance: 800 m (874.89 yd) in total
Link cable: Category 5 Shielded
Number of connectable RM-200M's: Up to 4
Twisted-Pair straight cable (TIA/EIA-568A standard)
InputInputs 1 - 3: -60 dB(*3) (MIC)/-10 dB(*3) (LINE) (changeable)
600 Ω
combined XLR connector (female)/phone jack
(Only Input 1 is additionally equipped with DIN
Telephone paging input: Push-in terminal block(*6)
Voice sound: -10 dB(*3)
balanced input with shield terminal(*4)
Control: No-voltage make contact input
open voltage: 3.3 V DC
short-circuit current: under 1 mA
BGM 1 - 2: -20 dB(*3)
Power amplifier input: 0 dB(*3)
External speaker line input: 100 V line
(This input is selected when the "Unit's
broadcast cutoff" control is activated.)
OutputSpeaker output: Plug-in screw connector(*7)
5-zone selector with attenuator (all zones simultaneously
Direct speaker line output: Direct output from the power amplifier
output transformer (attenuator bypassed)
Plug-in screw connector(*7)
Line output: 0 dB(*3)
Recording output: 0 dB(*3)
Preamplifier output: 0 dB(*3)
Control InputFor controlling Inputs 1 - 3
No-voltage make contact input
short-circuit current: 1 mA or less
Control Input and OutputD-sub connector (25-pin
Input: No-voltage make contact input
short-circuit current: 1 mA or less
Output: Open collector output
control current: 10 mA or less
(1) External control input
Activation of messages(*8)
Activation of power
Activation and stop of Emergency Broadcast
Unit's broadcast cutoff
(when activated by an external emergency equipment)
(2) Status output
Irregularity of communications with the Remote Microphone and
an expansion amplifier
AC power condition
DC power condition
Irregularity of the sound source of the Voice Announcement Board
Failure (FAULT) indication on
Power switch on
External Attenuator Control OutputPlug-in screw connector(*7)
transfer type
contact current: 7 A (DC) or less
Surveillance Input and Output(*9)D-sub connector (25-pin
Input: No-voltage make contact input
Output: Open collector output
Power Supply24 V DC/0.1 A
Unit RU-2001/-2002
Chime ToneBuilt-in chime: 2-tone chime/2-tone chime (fast repeat)/4-tone
chime (Up)/Single-tone chime/4-tone chime (Up &
Voice Announcement Board sound source: Pre-recorded chime(*8)
FunctionTwo units stacking (VM-2120 or VM-2240)
Emergency broadcast (sequential control)
Broadcast priority control
Surveillance (failure detection) function(*9)
Power supply to only one Remote Microphone (RM-200M)
Line resistance: 40 Ω (one way) or less
Operating Temperature0 ℃ to +40 ℃ (32 %%dF to 104 %%dF)
FinishPanel: ABS resin
Case: Steel plate
Dimensions419 (W) × 143.3 (H) × 355.7 (D) mm (16.5 × 5.64" × 14)
Weight12.5 kg (27.56 lb)
AccessoryPower cable (2 m (6.56 ft)) ……1
Miniature type time-lag fuse T2.5 A ……1
OptionRack mounting bracket: MB-36
Input transformer: IT-450
Voice announcement board: EV-200M
Surveillance board: SV-200MA


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